Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, including a hotel, conference center & restaurant

Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, located at 1 Debet 2031, Lori Province, Armenia

COAF Fest: Celebrating Lori’s Hidden Gems

With more days of sun just around the bend, we’re throwing it back to our epic COAF Fest in Lori. Here’s why it was epic. COAF Fest: Arts, Crafts, and Music drew in over 5,000 guests to the village of Debed, bringing in much-deserved attention to the region as an ideal destination for unforgettable experiences. It’s hard to imagine anything else when you’re surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Lori’s peaks and canyons and stunning scenery meets vibrant culture everywhere you go. 

Our goal for COAF Fest is to bring all the vibrancy of the region to one place and celebrate it with all. With more and more family-owned businesses taking their starts in their local communities, artists and corporate teams looking toward Debed Canyon as the perfect retreat, and COAF’s initiatives in the region making strides as well, you can expect a quickly growing number of one-of-a-kind products, creations, and experiences on display at future fests. Here is some of what the last COAF Fest showcased:

Local Talent At the Forefront 

Held at the COAF SMART Center in Debet, Lori, COAF Fest created an sun-soaked outdoor platform for 30 local businesses to shine. Visitors were greeted with a wide array of exquisite handmade products and delicious local treats, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the culture of Lori. The expansive setting of the festival set across the campuses of Concept and the SMART Center was especially conducive to the mingling, allowing guests to get to know the people behind the products as well.

Art Paired with the Great Outdoors

COAF Fest 2023 also saw the unveiling of Ardēan’s captivating landscape art installation – a collection of 24 exquisite outdoor art pieces inspired by the region’s ancient monasteries and rich cultural heritage. Designed by Ardēan founder Vasken Brudian, the illuminated glass compositions of “Luminous Lori” tell of the timeless importance of education through visual inspirations from the monasteries of Kobayr,  Sanahin, Haghpat, Odzun, and more. Fest attendees got to witness the installation light up the nightscape which was especially stunning – a view that’s always available for guests staying at Concept Hotel.

Armenian Bands Rock the COAF Fest Stage

The musical lineup of the agenda was much anticipated and turned the day into a music festival the likes of which the region of Lori hasn’t seen before. Beloved Armenian bands and musicians such as Hayat Project, Lav Eli, Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends, the Vahagn Hayrapetyan Trio, Bambir, and DJ Alen Hertz took turns fueling attendees’ high spirits. 

Concept by COAF’s Grand Launch: Armenia’s Premier Social Enterprise

On the same remarkable day as COAF Fest, Concept by COAF celebrated its grand opening. This innovative venture introduces a boutique hotel, conference center, and restaurant, all crafted to ignite economic growth and foster tourism in Lori.

What sets Concept apart? Every penny spent at our establishment directly fuels COAF’s Smart programs within the region. We provide training and employment opportunities for Lori residents while engaging local businesses as vendors and suppliers. Profits generated by Concept by COAF are reinvested into COAF’s educational programs at the SMART Center, ensuring Lori’s children have access to quality education and promising futures.

Lori, Your Next Destination: Unveiling the Journey of Adventure and Progress

COAF Fest is a vibrant segment of the larger initiative, “Lori, Your Next Destination,” a collaborative endeavor with the German Agency for International Cooperation, GIZ, and supported by the EU4Business ITTD project since 2021.

This initiative achieved milestones such as bringing the STARMUS festival to Lori, developing 16 new hiking and biking trails, and offering professional training programs for local tourism service providers.

We also proudly announced the establishment of the Visitor Center and Canyon Café on Lori’s M6 highway. This hub offers travelers access to travel information, a café, parking, a travel equipment shop, high-speed internet, an ATM, meeting all visitors’ needs during their experience in Lori.

As we look forward to future festivities and the continued growth of our initiatives, we remain committed to fostering economic development, promoting local talent, and providing unforgettable experiences for all who visit Lori, your next destination. Join us in shaping the journey and experiencing the adventure of this remarkable region yourself.

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