Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, including a hotel, conference center & restaurant

Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, located at 1 Debet 2031, Lori Province, Armenia

Experience the Great Lori Outdoors

Debed Canyon is an active traveler’s paradise. Our adventure tourism packages for the region can fill your day with both adrenaline-packed adventure and profound serenity. Those who have to have the great outdoors on their itinerary will find their muse in the Canyon’s diverse offerings such as:

Hiking: With paths available of varying durations, all hikers will surely enjoy navigating scenic trails that reveal the Canyon’s beauty after every turn.

Caving: Lori’s mountains and canyons are filled with hidden caves for you to explore at the end of trails. 


Biking: Pedal through picturesque landscapes with the wind as your companion. You can rent your bikes right from the hotel + Visitor Center. 


River rafting: Whether it’s your first time or fairly experienced with the rapids, the Debed River rafting experience is an enormous amount of fun. Book your rafting tour and witness the grandeur of the Canyon from a different perspective.


Horseback riding: For the full rustic charm – nature package, you can’t go wrong with a tranquil ride through the pastures and hills. 


Shakaryan Rancho: Get close to the wildlife who are members of the Shakaryan Rancho family and enjoy some family-friendly activities for an afternoon of farm fun.


The list goes on; ask our concierge for more information: bird-watching, Jeep adventure, lake afternoon and more.

Reserve your experience

Reserve your experience