Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, including a hotel, conference center & restaurant

Concept by COAF is a social enterprise, located at 1 Debet 2031, Lori Province, Armenia

Culinary Delight

CULINARY DELIGHT CULINARY DELIGHT Immerse in the Flavors of the Lori With so many options for food, wine, and agro tourism in the region, it won’t be easy to fit all the exciting experiences that Lori offers in your stay, but it’s definitely worth trying. Here are just some of the interactive food experiences you […]

Nature Enthusiast’s Retreat

NATURE ENTHUSIAST’S RETREAT NATURE ENTHUSIAST’S RETREAT Experience the Great Lori Outdoors Debed Canyon is an active traveler’s paradise. Our adventure tourism packages for the region can fill your day with both adrenaline-packed adventure and profound serenity. Those who have to have the great outdoors on their itinerary will find their muse in the Canyon’s diverse […]